All of my big successes have come out of the little successes along the way, and from consistently doing a good job, being available to people, and having a positive attitude. I take every job seriously, even if it seems small. Those clients will come back saying, ‘We loved it so much we want you to do this big project.’ ”
Mary Frisbie Wood, songwriter and producer who has written music for Britney Spears and the Spice Girls; her production company, Frisbie, creates music and sound for TV shows, commercials, and apps

“I go to my 6:00 A.M. SoulCycle class, and it clears my mind. Once I’ve had my 50 minutes to myself, I head home, have breakfast, figure out what I have to do that day, and sit down to write some emails before I go to the office. At that hour nobody is answering you, and you can actually go through emails and get organized.”
Jana Fleishman, head of media and artist relations for Roc Nation, overseeing publicity for Jay Z, Rita Ora, and others