Mim’s Biography

Mim is my nickname in Thai means bubble bee. Mimi was called when I moved here. I grew up in Chonburi, an industrial and tourism town in the South Easten of Bangkok, Thailand. My family taught me to believe in the Buddhist way of thinking and karma.We are Chinese -Thai. We respect all nature and people. Both of my grandmothers raised me when I was a little girl ,they both loved cooking ,that is why I love to eat tasty food. Why I love fashion and makeup ? I think my mom has been my inspiration since I could remembered. Especially, whenever I cried, my mom would put the lipstick on me.Suddenly, I would stop crying. I think it was safe to say that makeup was in my blood. During the Summer when I was young , I spent time with my cousins and my aunts in the country side and  Bangkok so I learned from and experienced both places.

My family loves traveling, I have traveled to most of the places in Thailand. The first time that I traveled abroad with my dad and my cousins in The U.S.A in 1999. After that, I decided to go abroad and travel around the world. My life in School was so much fun. I experienced and created in educational camps and workshops for high school students. During Sophomore year in the University, I participated in the Work and Travel program in South Portland, Maine. I stayed with Brazilian family who I learned from their cultures at the same time.  After I graduated from the university, I took some classes in Beauty,  Thai and Japanese culinary and bakery.



My new life began in Austin in 2007, I studied and worked at the same time. I was so glad and lucky that I had my cousins here because I have learned a lot from them. I helped and worked with them in food industry for 7 years. My interest and passion are networking , beauty , health and fashion, creative arts and philanthropy. I am a photo shoot coordinator with DMC Creative Solutions. I had experiences with DCS Enginerring, LLC ,International Biomedical, Resource Consulting Group, Accent Foods Service, Dairy Ashford Roller Rink, Bridgepoint Cafe. I designed fashion display mannequins and  I was a jewelry and accessories model for Vinca. I am a Style adviser. I was a volunteer as an image consultant at Dress For Success, Austin,TX. In General, I really enjoy helping people to be happy and looking great.



I believe everyone has beauty no matter how they look. Humans contain inner beauty. My mom always taught me to think positive and to be optimistic.

What I have learned from my cousins at Titaya’s Thai Cuisine are hard working, how to help the customer to have a happy moments with their appetite , multitasking, being helpful, creating a great performance, and how to present and style your items.

I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Anthropology  from Silpakorn University, Bangkok. Also, I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing/Management from Park University, Austin campus.


My Elf DIY Vintage style