Fashion Consultant

What is a Fashion Consultant ?

When I first arrived in America in 1999, I knew I had come home. I just loved how this country embraces a fast pace of life and loves change. After permanently moving here in 2007, I began to change myself, during my first few months here I began to study fashion trends. bagsAfter a few years, I began to look at current and past fashions. One thing that I noticed above all else, was that America’s glorious fashion history seemed destined for the ash heap. After a time, and encouragement from loved ones, I decided to change that. My goal is to help as many people as I can become more fashionable, while keeping a close eye on their budget.

DSC_9162 DSC_9163 DSC_9164

Do you know that you can mix and match with your active clothes and your jacket as every day outfit?

Easy steps are:

Find some simple tops or bottoms that you can create your own outfit. I picked #Lululemon brand, they are great quality and there are more variety of styles to choose from. I added up some cool small pieces of the jewelry from #VincaUSA , my signature silver necklace was from Thailand. the crystal earring from #Crystalworks, the cute headband from Korean, and the rings from #Maya on South Congress. Put on your long jacket or blazer and you are ready to go. Take it off when you do active activity.

red dotted dress

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