Food & more…


This section is devoted to my “presentations” because in Thai culture presentation is very special. What that means is that whether it is food, makeup, clothing or speaking, how we present these things has deep meaning to us. So now I offer classes in homes and offices that present my love of Thai food to others and they can get the flavor of authentic Thai cuisine without having to travel to get it.

In addition to that, I also mix in other forms of presentations, talks on Thailand, sometimes skin care, beauty, meditation/mindfulness while adding a little humor and fun to every event. I will be creating individual menus for each event, it just depends upon the taste of the client. What happens is that a questionnaire is sent out, this determines what dishes are appropriate and if any requests need to be made. I am looking forward to helping my clients with anything they might need.

Here is one example of a menu I create for my clients:

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