Let’s talk

This section will be devoted to all things related to fashion. Because fashion is my passion!!

What makes Mimi special ?

– Her Clothing.

– The way she uses makeup.

– Mim’s makeup tips and ideas: skin care/lipstick/eye shadow/eye liner/ nails/

– Eye brows are your best friend.

– Her research: she looks at past and present fashion & makeup trends to get ideas,movies, different cultures, fashion history.

– Fearless: Mimi is not afraid to try something new and take risk. Try to be out of your comfort zone sometime.

– “Love those hats” Mimi always has hair accessories.

 What about beauty ? How  do you take care of your skin?

For treatment:

My skin regiments are Cleanse, Balance and Protection .

Good skin start with clean skin – Lev, Fresh Co-founder.

-How do you take care of your body?

I drink a lot of water per day.I wake up in the morning and start with 1-2 glasses of water then a glass of OJ with High Pulp and a cup of black coffee.

I eat a lot of fruit and vegetable.I eat banana in the morning.Then, I make my lunch salad or take some fruit with me.I add some almond,walnut or peanut on my salad or as a snack.

I try to eat healthy and do exercising regularly. I love yoga, jogging , jumping, playing tennis, riding a bike and swimming in Summer.

Knowing your character is the key to cultivation your style.

Who do you want to be today?

With the right clothes,you can be whoever you want to be!

And you can change your character from day to day depending on your needs and whim.

Your signature style is rooted in the classics.